Be Still My Beating Heart

The Maiwa Symposium list is out!! There is no describing how excited this makes me. I have been fortunate to attend quite a few of the workshops and lectures, and, truly, every one has been nirvana for a fiber-slut like me.

I have posted before on the Ralli Embellishment with Patricia Stoddard, and the Expressive Stitch with Dorothy Caldwell. (Images from Day 2 and Day 3.)

Other memorable workshops have been African Mudprinting, Katazome, and Shibori. One of the things I really appreciate are the other participants. In most situations I am the one who is the most knowledgeable (or crazy-obsessive, depending on your interest in fibre), but at the Symposium MANY people know as much or more than me. There is as much opportunity to learn from your peers as the instructor. Bliss.

As happens every year, I want to take every workshop. Sadly, finances and time mean I have to choose just one, or maybe if I am very fortunate, two. Rughooking and Katazome with Natural Dyes are looking very tempting right now, but oh, dyeing with Michel Garcia or quilting with the artists from Gee's Bend!!! Can't wait 'til registration day.


  1. Anonymous12:22 PM

    I, too have taken several workshops at the symposium and am considering which one this year? Always stay at the Y so it gets a bit expensive. Wonder if we've been in a class together? Can't find my course lists.

  2. Anonymous10:16 AM

    I'm waiting for full details,dates etc. but am leaning towards either the soy wax resist or one of Gaye Hanson's bookbinding classes. I'm surprised we haven't met in a class before.i'll be on the phone first thing Mon. June 20th. It would be fun if we met there.

  3. I'm surprised we haven't met before too. Soy wax resist? How did I miss that one? I'll have to go back and look. Maiwa is putting the course descriptions on their blog...slowly. it's exciting just to read about what is offered.

  4. OH i so want to take one this year!!! Maybe we'll finally meet if it happens :)


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