Expressive Stitch - Day 1

This will be quick, since I'm just back after seven hours of stitching and I have homework! No complaints, though - time just breezed by. Dorothy (Caldwell, our teacher) started off with a slideshow of her travels to the region of India where traditional narrative Kantha cloth is made.

Then we got to look at piles of gorgeous Kanthas. I was thinking of Jude the whole time.

We will be making three samplers. The first one is supposed to be white thread on black. Here's mine.

We were supposed to come up with a simple image that's meaningful to for ourselves. The first thing I thought of was one of "the girls".

I peeked ahead through astack of forgeous shibori silk cloth that are stitches Katha-style. Can't tell you their provenance yet but, ooh, the ideas are a'flowing.


  1. oh my! thank you for these glorious pictures... lucky you.

  2. OMG! These are gorgeous. I never really knew what Kantha actually was. These examples are fantastic and your chicken perfectly divine!
    Thanks for bringing these to my attention... my mind is racing now....


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