The Expressive Stitch - Day 3

The third and last day of the workshop flew by. Dorothy showed slides of both her work and that of other artists whose work incorporates patching and darning. Here she shows off a found apron that is mended to an incredible degree, telling a story of hardship, thrift and care.

Most of the group had finished two or three samplers by day's end. They were all mounted on the wall as a group. It was quite interesting to see how everyone had their own style and vocabulary of mark-making, all working with quite limited materials. I love the dog portraits on the top row.

These are mine. The above image is almost finished, and is a document of the news that I got yesterday of my cat Angus having a run-in with an eagle. Apparently both are somewhat the worse for wear, and I am eager to get home to tend to my tough old kitty.

And this one I completed yesterday - a simple lotus design. Apparently it is traditional to begin a kantha in the centre, with either a red dot or a lotus.

There were a lot of inspiring quotes and philosophy shared over the course of the workshop, and I promise a post on that soon!


  1. Anonymous7:51 AM

    Beautiful stitching! I especially love the cat. But that's a scary story. I hope he scared the eagle so it won't try that again.

  2. Beautiful work! Will you allow me to use the lotus as my laptop wallpaper?

  3. I like your embroidery of your cat and eagle. What kind of thread are you using? Is it wool?


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