The Vacuuming Can Wait

La Maison de Louise Bourgeois (2016). Hand embroidery on vintage linen, 24"x 16"
About a week ago I read this article about Louise Bourgeois's New York house, which has been turned into a museum. Apparently it has been kept as she left it:

A sense that at any moment Bourgeois might walk through the door is heightened by the atmosphere of bohemian dilapidation: Surely this place is in no shape to be seen by anyone other than its owner. Crude patchwork testifies to the cave-in of a plaster ceiling. A two-burner gas hot plate that fills in for a stove and an ancient television that stands next to a small metal folding chair further the impression of a home not ready to receive company. “I’m using the house,” she told a visitor, when she was in her mid-70s. “The house is not using me.”
As soon as I read that line, I thought "I must make that into a sampler." And I did, putting aside all the tidying and organizing that needs to be done before my new roommate arrives next Thursday. I hope she understands.

The piece went directly into a new show at Twin Beaches Gallery featuring many of the textile artists on Gabriola. I'll post pictures of the show soon!


  1. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Wonderful sentiment! She certainly wasn't a lady to be trifled with. Thanks for posting the link to the article. Now I wanna go to NYC more than ever. I hope your piece finds an appreciative home. Jean-Pierre

  2. YES! Well, i really really use mine then :)

  3. ah your stitching as always is perfection, we rent a very old lady of a house & help her out with regular repairs to the leaky bits here and there like an old lady who needs help with her lipstick.

  4. I love it! (The quote and the fact that you took the time to stitch it!

  5. thanks for the link,love the quote - it fits me and my house like a glove. As always, beautiful stitching.

  6. you're getting a new roommate?


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