Swimming Like Mad

Marine Mammals of the Codex Canadensis, work in progress 2016.
Two sea creatures are finished - the shark and the walrus. (Update: Jean-Pierre makes a good point in the comments. It is unlikely that Louis Nicolas would have seen a walrus in the St. Lawrence, but he probably heard about them from the Algonquin, who may have heard about them from the Inuit.)

It's suddenly the busiest time of the year. In addition to my regular allotment at the community gardens, I volunteered to to take on an unused plot next to me. I'm just going to plant it in potatoes and beans, and donate the harvest to the Commons. I'm really not being that altruistic - my primary motivation is to prevent the weeds on the unused plot from blowing all over mine.

And then today I found out that I have been hired for two jobs, one with the census and the other a part-time retail gig. It feels rather gratifying that I am still hire-able after all this time.


  1. it never rains, but it pours.

  2. Anonymous10:10 AM

    A walrus? I'm beginning to wonder about good ol' Nicholas. He created this vast New World bestiary. No doubt, in the 18th century, there a great deal more wildlife existed in New France than there is in today's Quebec/Maritime region, and so he could have seen a wide variety if animals with his own eyes. However, as you have pointed out before, he also based his drawings on specimens found in bestiaries published by others in France. I wonder if there is there a way to know which animals he actually saw and which animals he only saw through the work of others? Could he have really seen a walrus in New France? Have they ever been recorded in the St. Lawrence river? Just curious. Jean-Pierre

    1. He tried to limit himself to things he had seen, or been told about, which kind of leaves it wide open. He actually labels the walrus as "Micipichik, the god of the waters, according to the Americans."

  3. love these sea creatures and your stitching is sublime!


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