Sometimes I am Such a Bitch...

In a move that may make me the pariah of the blog-iverse, I commented on the Yarn Harlot's most recent post with the following:
Dear Stephanie,
I know I will get trashed for saying this, but I am getting really tired of airport stories. I bet you are too. You have been one of my inspirations and you have done so much good in this world for things beyond knitting, so this is hard for me to say. But you do know that airplanes are major contributors to greenhouse gases and global warming? Now that you are so famous and beloved around the world, use that power for real change. Don’t fly. Tell the knitters who are sad you are not coming to see them why you are not flying. I know you still have to do your job and all, but why not become the knitter in residence on Via Rail or Amtrak? How about offering luxury one-on-one knitter tutoring for those who ride their bikes to Toronto? I may sound crazy, but I liked you better when you were crazy too. You took crazy chances and made positive change in the world. I’d like to see that happen again.
Love, Heather


  1. and that does NOT make you a "bitch", it means you care enough to speak the truth!

  2. ah well, hmmm... that's the hypocrisy of being a human on the planet, we all know deep in our hearts as well as our minds that we are each contributing to climate change by using coal powered electricity and driving cars that run on petroleum... Old Man Crow & I work as gardeners which helps tend the planet but we drive an old van that uses petrol to get our tools to the jobs and to take a way all the weeds and trimmings and live in a city of 5 million souls where our electricity is sourced mainly from coal fired power stations and even worse sometimes I need to fly to the US for family gatherings which uses a lot of air miles as I live in Australia... yes we all need to divest from fossil fuels...


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