Little Worlds

I found a fairyland yesterday on my walk with Gracie. It's been raining so much lately I think another dimension has opened up.
A portal.
Lipstick lichen and moss.
Mushrooms dancing a duet.
A mandala.
A cascade.
The hermit in his cave.


  1. you live in such a beautiful place!

  2. These lichens and mosses are in our yard, too (coastal Northern California). You've captured them beautifully in your photographs.

  3. groan. i miss the moistness of the coast. a lovely treat to see these again!

  4. great pictures, mushrooms popping up everywhere here, too. Such fragile beauty, enjoy them while the rain keeps falling!

  5. I love these small worlds that pop up in the rain!! I was just thinking that I need to get out and look for them. Thanks so much for sharing this.


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