One Day in Spring on Gabriola

This YouTube video was posted on our Community Bulletin Board. The orcas swam right past an area where Gracie and I regularly walk. But I have never seen an orca.

I wrote a poem tonight:

The Ultimate Gabriola Experience (#23):
a semi-mystical moment with the dog and the frogs in the pond across the road.

Gracie and I were in the living room, and there was something somewhere that startled her, so of course she had to go outside to check. When I opened the door for her, the frogs were singing SO loud, and I could see the almost full moon through the trees. It was just so beautiful I wished I could record it somehow. No cell phone, so I got the camera and did a video, just for the sound.

The frogs were in full throat,
the cedars were dripping and misting, the moon
illuminating all.
I sighed.

Except... .for the sound
of a
goddaM  un-Mufflered Motorcycle

Taken at the Gabriola Commons on March 21, 2016 by Keith Jellis

And I am also sending out love and hope to an island family in crisis tonight. Search and Rescue, and RCMP, have been searching all day for a missing senior who has been lost for 36 hours now. There have been some heavy rains and he is in a forested and steep area. Now I know why they always say, "We are all praying for his safe return."


  1. May there still be a happy outcome for the one who is lost.

  2. love the poem, so Island-ish. Hope the senior is found. The whale sighting/video is magnificent, what a treat to see the entire pod.

  3. visiting for the first time in a while, and i really loved this post. stitching and poem and whales. what a glorious life, and a poignant bit as well.


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