Studio Tour Flyby

Here's the set up before we opened. We had almost 100 visitors a day for three days. I'm still exhausted. When one works quietly with only the dog for company it's a bit of a shock to suddenly interact with so many people. But I had very positive conversations and people seemed interested in my work.
 Siki McIvor very graciously asked me to share space in her home studio. Siki is an amazing felter and dyer.
 She had a table of gorgeous reversible fingerless gloves and gauntlets. Check out her website for more lovelies.
 She had a delightful assortment of hats, scarves, tops and even a seamless felted jacket. Many of which sold.

Words fail me. Catch ya next week!


  1. Your work is just stunning. Very impressive.

  2. Anonymous10:41 PM

    A feast for the eyes! 300 people came to see your work in three days? That's far more than most private galleries get in a month. Very well done. Jean-Pierre

  3. what a gathering!


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