A few closeups to see all the differents stitches I have used. Above I see couching, outline stitch and rope stitch.
Here is some cretan stitch and satin stitch, a bit of chain and some outline.
Braid stitch, a kind of double chain stitch worked backwards. It makes a nice raised effect.
Good old buttonhole, outline and some zigzaggy stab stitches.
Backstitch, outline and some long straight stitches.
Whipped chain stitch and lots more outline stitch.
Another view of the same section as the photo above this one, with some rope stitch used for shading on the letters.
And the beaver's tail is a couched scallop stitch that I made up, with simple straight stitches for shading.
This is how far I have got with less than three weeks to go. I take heart in the encouragement several of you have given me, to not worry if I have to show it unfinished.


  1. How fine and accurate your embroidery is!

  2. yes you can, yes you can, yes you can ;)

  3. love all those stitches. And-- no you don't have to :)

  4. your stitching is superb!

  5. Wow! How did I miss this one? I LOVE seeing the close-ups of your stitching. Beautiful!!


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