Carpet Slippers

Are carpet slippers for wearing whilst walking on carpets, or are they made out of carpets? Maybe they could be both!
This is my first attempt at hooked carpet slippers. Trickier than I thought they would be, due to the thickness of the pile. After wasting hours searching for the Japanese slipper pattern book I know is in a box somewhere, I just drew up my own pattern, using thick blanket material to "drape" the upper. Even though the pattern looked enormous, the slipper ended up just fitting due to the draw up of the hooked loops.
I lifted a motif and colour scheme from a book on middle eastern textiles.
But they feel super cosy. Or should I say "It feels super cosy." The second slipper is still to come. I hope what I learned from the first speeds things up a bit. Let's hope they match.


  1. oh i bet those are comfy! i have one very funky slipper somewhere -and the other unfinished, after 8 years...


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