Gabriola - Isle of the Arts

Ooh, it's a busy time of year. May has flown by. On the 2nd, there was a Spring Fair and maypole dance at the Commons. Our hooking group had a table there, which attracted a lot of attention.
See that little paper sign on our table "Gabriola Hookers"? You wouldn't believe how many people took pictures of that hastily scrawled sign. So, given that we will be participating in more events in the future, I resolved to make a proper, photo-worthy mat for our group.
There is a lighthouse in the upper corner and a forest scene with salal growing out of a stump in the lower portion. (It's a visual metaphor for creating new life and beauty out of the remnants of what was.)
I feel my technique is improving - the rich colours behind the lettering come from an old tweed jacket found at the thrift store. I loved working with it.
And then, just this past weekend a new gallery opened on Gabriola. The owners did a lovely job of transforming the previous doctor's office into a bright, elegant and inviting space.
My latest piece was included in the show.
The quilted works are by Mary Sullivan Holdgrafer.
Here is gallery director Carol Fergusson, looking remarkably fresh after six weeks of non-stop planning, renovating, curating, and dealing with every kind of glitch imaginable. Congratulations Carol! She will shortly be opening the online gallery so off-islanders can browse and buy. In the meantime, check out the Gabriola Gallery facebook page for lots more photos.


  1. The Gabriola Hookers oh ha, that's brilliant! looking forward to seeing the new online gallery am just dashing over to facebook now to have a look at more pics!

  2. Really great hooking on the lettering! I love the shading you did on it.

    And its so nice to see fiber arts included in a gallery showing.

  3. That joke is so old - but it's still funny! Love your new sign-rug, Heather. It's going to be perfect for upcoming demos and sales. And glad your piece gets to hang in the new gallery with more fibre arts!


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