Gift Exchange

I whipped off this little mat over the weekend. It's the same image as the frog on the "Home Sweet Dome" mat (still in slow progress). I needed a gift in short order for Mrs. Mandu, my elegant and generous benefactor in Japan. When she heard that I had started hooking, she sent some lovely pieces of wool fabric for me to use. Now I must reciprocate with a thank you gift. We have been engaged in this endless cycle of gift-giving for over ten years!

I chose the frog image because apparently the Japanese word for "frog" is a homonym for the word "return". Frogs are good luck symbols for travelers, I read, but I think this one is more of a "I return your favour" kind of guy.

And yes, I got my hair cut. It was getting noticeably thin around my face, so I have now joined the legion of women with short gray hair and glasses. (On Gabriola, we have a distinctly senior population - I will find myself describing someone as having short gray hair and glasses, and then realize that could be almost anyone.) When the stylist turned me around to look in the mirror my first reaction was "Oh my god, I look like my mother!" But my mom is still kind of a dish, so I guess that's okay.


  1. I adore your new haircut, Heather! You look uplifted, lighter and more carefree. All the best people I know have short gray hair and glasses. It's a thing. Really. (Although for some reason of weird genetics mine isn't as totally gray as it ought to be yet!)

    And your frog is very cute. I'm sure your recipient will love it too!

  2. I love your haircut! I've been growing mine out for a while, but gotta say, you're giving me the urge to "join the legions!"

    Love the idea of a 10 year gift exchange with someone from another country.

  3. Anonymous10:18 AM

    I love the haircut, agree with Louisa, it makes you look younger - what's not to like. I have many kaeru (frogs)sent from Japan, your hooked one is quite grand.

  4. oh you are brave! haven't cut my hair for many many years & had that old Crosby Stills Nash & Young tune "Almost cut my hair, happened just the other day..." (Deja Vu 1974) going through my head last weekend but I chickened out & bought some good conditioner instead hehe!

  5. So stilish this haircut of yours, you look elegant and sophisticated. Well done, we need to make changes from time to time (and I bet that no other woman on Gabriola wears short hair with the same chic!)

  6. Nice cut! As we get older I think a good haircut starts to pay dividends! It' 'Silver' dahling....silver! x


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