St. Valentine's Day Finds

I went to both of the island thrift stores today and came home with quite a haul. When I laid it all out to have a look, I realized everything I had bought was red or white -- an unintentional theme, but appropriate for the day. Maybe I was picking up subliminal Valentine's messages! There was a red silk coatdress, a red boiled wool jacket, a red corduroy skirt, a red wool plaid skirt, a white silk handwoven scarf, a roll of white lace trim, and even a never used redwork iron-on pattern with sewing motifs.
On closer inspection, I see that the redwork iron-on designs are an abomination, a travesty! They are INSTANT iron-ons, no stitching required. The designs are printed with a heat-sensitive glue on a flocked paper, so that they will give an appearance of being stitched. Dammit, I will have to iron them on to paper, so I can then trace them out, and embroider them properly. There is no "instant" in my life!
I also picked up this romantic little petitpoint piece, of a man giving a crinoline lady a bouquet of flowers. This picture shows it still wet after being removed from the lovely vintage frame (dated 1942) and washed. You can see the damage caused by the acidic mounting board. I wasn't able to get it out, but hopefully the bath will have neutralized the fabric and I can re-mount it on an acid free board. I'll post another picture once it's back in the frame.


  1. Anonymous4:28 PM

    oh, what a haul. your second hand shops are better than here in the big city. what a gorgeous day, I've been in the garden pruning and weeding.

  2. You did luck into a Valentine cornucopia. Its so much fun when that happens, and of course it can never be planned.


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