The Road to Recovery

Photo by Mike Swallow
This photo of Vicky was taken yesterday. What a girl! Her smile shows her optimism and spirit. We can't see the bandages that cover her lower body but she is on the mend. She was able to sit in a wheelchair for ten minutes before becoming dizzy, which is great news because it means (sorry sweetie, personal detail) she will be able to use the toilet. That seems to be one of the milestones hospitals look for before sending a patient home. There is still no word of when that will be, but there is hope that no further surgeries will be required at this point. The shrapnel that remains in her legs will continue to work its way out for years to come though, just as if she was an old soldier.

And the really good news is that a friend of Mike and Vicky's who works for the Red Cross has set up a fundraising page that makes it super easy to donate. You don't have to worry about all those wire transfer codes I gave you in the previous post, just one click and you can help. Here's the link:
Our goal is to raise $2500 by the end of the weekend - we're already at $900 after just half a day! People are so generous and kind - thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sunday Update! The fund just passed $3,650  - brings tears to my eyes. That, combined with $2500 in the trust account and over $1000 in sales of Mike and Vicky's artwork at the craft fair yesterday is so awesome, a stunning and heartwarming response.


  1. Phillippa Green2:58 PM

    Thank you for the update and providing a simple way to funding, it's really close already, so amazing. x

  2. omg what a terrible accident and omg what a fantastic community you live in! I hope her physical recovery will be as swift and succesful as the support you all together are able and willing to offer her, her partner plus dog plus brother-in-law; I am sure it will help.

  3. contributed my little bit!


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