And So It Begins...

You'll have to click on this to enlarge, and squint a bit, but the traced design is in the hoop. The piece measures 54" wide and 32" high, so it's a biggie.
The wolf volunteered to go first. Hard to say no to a critter with such sharp teeth!
I took the first few stitches last night. I think I may have said this before, but beginning a new piece always reminds of the days when I used to run - no matter if the distance is short or long, it always begins with just one step. And I'm also reminded of Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird, which is always worth dipping into, even if you have read it before.


  1. Reminds me of the old Pete Seeger Garden Song ... inch by inch, row by row ... love to watch your stitching grow

  2. How fine your tracing and how many details! Congratulations on tackling this new challenge.

  3. Oh wow! What a wonderful design! Makes my fingers itchy to stitch! And I do love Anne Lamott's book Bird by Bird!

  4. Ooh! The next one begins! So exciting. I'll be watching its progress with anticipation.

  5. Anonymous3:12 PM

    that will indeed be major stitching to keep you busy through the dark months. looks fascinating


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