Small in Size, Big in Heart

Red Hare Pale Moon, 2014 by Sarah Fincham
One of the best things about blogging is the lovely people one meets. Small Offerings' Sarah Fincham made a first-time comment on one of my posts about a month ago, and I went to have a peek at her blog, as I usually do when someone new says hello. I thought her work was distinctive and elegant, with a whimsical sense of humour and found that we both lived in semi-remote places accessible only by water. We corresponded a bit and when I had a closer look at her website and saw her wish list, I had the impulse to send her a few goodies.

Now, as we know, textile people are the most generous - maybe it is the excitement in finding out that someone else shares your weird vocation! I opened my mailbox the other day to find a little parcel from England, and in it was this wonderful embroidery. As I said to Sarah in my swooning thank you note:
It is absolutely lovely and resonates with me on many levels... I love the colours, the imagery, the precious silk lace, your fine stitching and very effective use of pattern, so simple and elegant. And that playful hare, such a powerful leap and determined look in his eyes. And that sweet pale moon, just the right amount of shimmer. Of course there is the Japanese hare and moon reference, but you have done it subtly so it snuck up on me. And the columns of red on the sides are unusual, with that pale dot in the centre. Lots of places for the eye to rest but also a sense of movement, a float-y quality almost.
I am so lucky! I feel like I may have got the better part of the exchange, so don't be surprised, Ms. Fincham, if something else arrives in your postbox!

And I recommend that everyone take a swing by Sarah's blog, and her Etsy Shop. Her offerings are small in inches only!


  1. I'm moved Heather, thank you so much!

    I am really amazed by the generosity of the craft world too. And for me, that the piece is loved and hung to be enjoyed or used is more important than anything else!

  2. That IS lovely! xxx


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