After the Rain

There was a big storm last night, and the power went out for twelve hours. Everything was soaked, but the sunlight coming through the trees made me forget any inconvenience.
I took the doggies for a long walk in the forest. The late October light was magical.
I had been planning to blog about Canada's butthead of a Prime Minister using the shooting in Ottawa to further erode our civil rights and totally shred whatever tattered remnants of privacy we might have left. Never mind that nobody knows the facts behind what happened, just govern on flimsy assumptions.
But this beautiful light makes me forget all that, at least for a moment.
The spider will spin her web, no matter what.
The moss will quietly carpet the ground,
and even the trees. It must be time for the little frogs to begin their chorus.
There could even be fairies, and witches and elves, creatures of a much deeper and powerful realm than the phantoms of politics.
Tyrants and zealots and political opportunists will come and go, but we will be alright as long as there are forests.


  1. "Never assume conspiracy when stupidity will do." Or, perhaps, in this case: when mental health issues will do.

  2. Thanks for these photos. That is such a beautiful forest.

    Why is it the people who reach positions of power are the ones least equipped to wield it ? I know the answer really, it is the system itself, but ugh, sometimes I despair.

  3. Oh, do not get me started. I wish there was someone else who might be worthy of my vote but alas. Can't we find a new system that's more workable? No?

    Love your mossy forest, Heather.

  4. Thank you for this sharing of the beauty & graciousness of nature. I dream of the day when we all remember our manners, start mending our ways & clean up after ourselves in honor of our beautiful planet Earth.

  5. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Your photos are beautiful and took me into your beautiful forest with you. I don't normally comment on blog posts but I had to say - thank you, for a voice of sanity about our current situation in Ottawa and somebody else's Prime Minister - certainly not mine!


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