Catching Up

I love September. It always feels like the start of a new year. But, maybe because our BC teachers are (legitimately, I feel) on strike, and the provincial government is determined to bust the union and further repress our constitutional rights, the kids aren't back to school, and therefore I feel like summer hasn't quite ended. Which is a long-winded and politically ranting way to say I haven't got back into the blogging groove.
Stuff has been happening, I suppose. I finished my little hooked mat, which I will keep to remind myself how humble I must be.
I dyed some thrift store wool for another hooked project, in my usual haphazard fashion, stuffing the cloth into mason jars, dumping some rather elderly acid dye into each jar until it looked right, and processing them all at once in a canner, then fulling the pieces in the dryer. It's funny how I can be such a perfectionist in some ways, and so "Whatever!" in others.

I have chosen a thread colour for Chris's piece, and will unveil it tomorrow, as a ruse to get myself back into regular posting.