Hummm, this picture is a bit on the blue side. But you can see that I have auditioned a few more colours: a blush pink, an icy blue, a very pale aqua, and a pinky beige. I do prefer them to the neutrals, surprisingly enough. I just tried them because I won't hear from the needlework store til Monday as to whether that new shade of floss from DMC is available in Canada yet. It doesn't take much for my heart to wander! I'm now leaning towards the icy blue, or maybe the pinky beige.

Now it occurs to me that I could mix one strand each of the gray, the blue and the pink! Back to the embroidery hoop!

P.S. "Why the squiggles?" you may ask. Well, I'm approximating the thickness of the lines in the actual text, and the squiggles give me a better idea of how light will affect the colour in the curvature of the finished letters.


  1. combining the threads would be great--as they twist each colour pops up a bit, lovely effect

  2. Lovely explorations. . . and I, too, prefer those you are leaning toward. The mix could be nice, too. . .

  3. Anonymous9:42 AM

    waiting to see the blend but these are much nicer than the too dark neutrals.

  4. tried a blush..i like it...but also like the icy blue. much better than the gray's.

    hehehehe...i did a blend to try and get a granite rock look....they look more like zebras hiding in the bush...but i will leave them on the work.

  5. I love hearing your thought processes as you choose colours. So fascinating! No idea which one to choose but I kind of lean toward less of a contrast to the linen. Not white though.


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