Ebb and Flow

Last year, on World Oceans Day, I went for a walk along Tinson Point. It was one of those late spring days where the weather shifted from sun to cloud and back to sun every few minutes. The tide was on its way out, leaving trails of moisture in the clefts and crevices of the sandstone beach. I was struck by the erotic tension between the rock and sea, the push/pull of solid and liquid, and the sculpted evidence of that eons-old relationship.

It has taken me this long to process the photos. I had kind of (completely!) forgotten about them until James unearthed them on his computer and started formatting them. I looked over his shoulder and said "Ooh, I like these. When did you take them?" He couldn't remember, so he checked the code on them and realized that they had come from my camera.

Here's just a few - I took over 100 pictures that day, and have whittled them down to two series, called "Ebb" and "Flow". These are from "Ebb".

Gabriola has the most amazing sandstone beaches, formed during a volcanic eruption millennia ago, and the sea has been sculpting them ever since.


  1. Amazing. Other-worldly. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful images! Black & white photos always force you to look at the contrast and textures rather than the colours. It's a whole different perspective! Now I want to go back to Gabriola again.

  3. Anonymous12:15 PM

    great photos, I love the hot cross bun.


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