Imperfections Are Natural

The blocks are 10 1/2" square, and the sashing is 1 1/2" wide.
Taking my latest mantra to heart, I am trying to reconcile myself to imperfection. This doesn't mean I don't strive for neat, even stitches - I do, and I un-stitch a lot. But I try to be okay with the "not perfect." With such wonky blocks it makes no sense to get all tight-assed over the stitching!

I ending up following Sherri Lynn Wood's lead in using perle cotton to quilt with. I found three little balls of the most perfect taupe DMC in the stash (in a bag marked 29 cents, so they must have been a thrift store find) and I like how their sheen and slightly heftier weight enhance my stitches, which just looked awkward and thin in the coral quilting cotton I used in the sample.

So I am happily quilting away, sticking to a sedate speed of one block per hour and doing no more than an hour at a time, in consideration of my rickety thumb. BTW, my neighbour Robin, she of the fantastic quilting skills, showed me her thumb joint and it was a shocker. I guess I'll live!

P.S. Thanks for the tips about dealing with the bleeding brown cloth. Very helpful!


  1. You're making me want to make some wonky log cabins! And perle cotton--I love it so!

  2. Anonymous11:30 PM

    love those wonky blocks, a little bit of imperfection makes us human.


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