Good Grief, Another Video

There has been a development.

James has taken to video like a fish to water. Who would have guessed? He's only been taking still photographs for forty years or so. Using just a small digital camera with a video function and IMovie, he's becoming an auteur. Well, maybe I exaggerate. But he's sure enjoying himself.

Here's his second effort.

There are some breathtaking scenes of stitching, and fewer "Ums". I'm quite pleased, although I have already abandoned the idea of using Latin for my framing quotation. (Watch the video for that last sentence to make sense.)


  1. Heather, I really enjoyed the first video, and I look forward to watching this one as well! Thanks for sharing your work. (and tell your husband I said "good job!")

  2. I am reallllllly enjoying watching these, Heather, and lucky you to have a good Videographer :)The videos bring the whole to light with your thoughts and bits of history. I'm recommending them *everywhere*!!!

  3. Anonymous2:27 PM

    love hearing your thoughts and design process. the red silk makes the heart sing.


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