An Experiment

The good news is that James finished the video. The bad news is that I can't stand to watch it. I had no idea that I had so many annoying tics and said "Um" so much. When the camera is on, words float in and out of my head at random. I make no sense. And man, do I ever need a haircut! I should have put mascara on and worn a more flattering top. I need to lose 30 pounds and stand up straight! The neurotic self-talk never ends!

James thinks it's okay - in fact he quite enjoyed making his first video. So I should trust him.

If you're not totally put off by that preamble, Stitching the Codex Canadensis can be found on YouTube.


  1. Geez Heather! Give yourself a break! It was our first video and we will get better. Lord knows we learned a lot. I understand that it's difficult for you to look at, especially when you see only the flaws. There's lots of good stuff in there and I think people will appreciate it for what it is. An genuine desire to share a difficult and historically significant project. You know this project is unique, you haven't really talked about your theories yet. I can hardly wait to get those on video!

  2. i think you look pretty darn good, i barely noticed the um's because it's an interesting subject and loved that you have finally done a documentary on it!!!!!

  3. Just had look at your video on Youtube. It really gave me an insight into your stitching of the Codex. Blimey! what an amazing task! The detail of your stitching is very skilled. I like the way you describe it as mark-making. And as a translation, of the original drawings. The information about the thread you use, and how you'll use different threads for different areas, is enlightening. It was stunning to see the difference in the work when you returned to it a few days later; you'd explained how you would use the threads, and 'ta-da!' there it was! Really good to see Heather. Thanks for showing it. And good to see you, too!

  4. It's very interesting...I've been curious about how you go about such a big stitching project...I love seeing the progress, and I marvel at the birds...thank you both so much for the work itself and the video.

  5. Katherine7:00 PM

    yes - congratulations on doing your first video - it was great! I really appreciate seeing the work and understanding all the effort - detail behind it - wow! impressive! those birds are amazing!

  6. Anonymous8:13 PM

    I once saw a brilliant SNL skit called The Disney School of Acting, which mocked the over-the-top acting style seen in any Disney TV series. Well, thank goodness you haven't gone down that road. A sincere presentation suits your project perfectly. 

    I'm impressed by the way you consider the character of the different lines and then use the best thread to translate it. It must require a phenomenal amount of patience, which says quite a lot in itself. It's an act of defiance in this digital insta-world we live in.

    By the way, looking at the drawing of the four birds, do you think he rotated his sheet of paper each time he drew a bird so as to make best use of the space? I guess really good paper was a luxury and he wanted to get as many animals on a single sheet as possible, hence the unnatural configuration.

    Perhaps in the next video you can show us some of the other panels that have already been completed.


  7. Anonymous12:08 PM

    brilliant! congratulations to both you and James.

  8. Oh you did good, Heather! I'm so impressed at your work and your scholarship and your patience. You are amazing.

    So the joke in our family is that the best way to shut me up is to put a microphone in front of me...


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