Sweet L'il Thing

 Besides standing in front of the grocery store gathering signatures on petitions, I have been indulging a secret vice - a soft spot for cute little handmade things. I saw a tutorial for tiny zippered bags that look like macarons and couldn't help myself.

As it happened, that very day a package had arrived from my friend in Japan, Jean-Pierre. It contained some lovely bits of antique fabric from HIS friend Mrs. Mandu (#4 on the list of highlights of my visit to Japan, back in 2007). One of the pieces was a silk twill print that just murmured elegance, and I had a scrap of burgundy silk charmeuse to use as a lining, and the right zippers were on hand (the stash provides!), so I was off to the races.
 There will be just three of these little beauties, available at the Christmas craft sale. Enough to get my "cute" craving out of my system, and soon I will be back on the straight and narrow with the Codex. (The Codex!?! Remember that? Seems like years...)


  1. Anonymous8:41 PM

    So glad to see that the fabric has found use. Totally worth the small price of postage. I'm going to show Mrs. Mandu what you have created. She'll get a thrill.


  2. Anonymous8:43 PM

    By the way, is that one of them bargain priced 60 million $ pink diamonds? Jean-Pierre

  3. Beautifully made!

  4. ooh, lovely, tiny, pretty! must check my zipper stash!

  5. Anonymous11:12 AM

    oh, a little treasure. looks like you have done a beautiful job with the zipper. perfect for a million $ diamond!

  6. oh they are adorable! if you have any left after (hoping in a way you'll have one at least...)

  7. Wow! can't think of no other word, in French or English...


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