Hot Water Bottle Cosy

I just spent way too long making a hot water bottle cosy from the last few scraps of the old quilt. I actually had to piece three scraps together, so I covered the seams with giant pink rickrack from the stash. It is great fun using up these odd bits of stuff that I have had for years - stuff that somebody else probably had for years before that, since I pick most of it up at the thrift shop.
Why would such a simple thing take so much time, you ask? Well, first I had to go looking around the internet to see what else is out there (and the various side journeys that entails), and then engineer something from the just barely enough bits of fabric I had. Auditioning various seam bindings and trim takes longer than  one might think, and then searching for just the perfect button adds still more time. If I was going to charge for my time I'm sure this humble little item would cost more than $100! Instead, it's going to the school craft fair where I'll be lucky to get $25, hot water bottle included.

But it will add a priceless amount of love and comfort to the world, which makes me happy. I'll never be a capitalist!


  1. Anonymous5:55 AM

    That hot water bottle cozy is going to become an heirloom. It will be treasured for the next 100 plus years. That's the true value. Not $25.


    ps. After hearing how Christie Clark has sold out to Alberta and agreed to the oil pipeline, it is so nice to hear you say you'll never be a capitalist. There's just way too much selling of our priceless environment going on. I hope Christie drowns in a vat of bitumen!

  2. Such a lovely project, Heather! Me and my "blodgy" (family term) are very close. Can't survive winter nights without it! I knitted mine a sweater but your vintage quilt is very cool.!

    (Do NOT get me started on what those greedy people are doing to our environment. I could just spit.)

  3. Anonymous10:37 AM

    so-o adorable!

  4. Who wants to be a capitalist anyway?
    Hugs and a little bonjour from Provence


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