Spring Reading

Sugar Says poster available through The Rumpus
Whether I need it or not, I seem to be encountering a torrent of inspiration and advice. Maybe I'm just in a receptive mode, or maybe the universe has decided I am in need of guidance. Whatever the reason, I have been reading a collection of the fantastically earthy, wise and heart-centred Dear Sugar columns. Cheryl Strayed is the voice behind Dear Sugar, who I had not heard of until encountering her on Brain Pickings. ( I recommend Brain Pickings too. It arrives in my mailbox on Sunday morning and I spend a pleasant hour with a cup of tea exploring the stories and links.)

Cheryl Strayed is the author of Wild, a book that came out last year. I went to reserve it at the library and found out I'm 158th on the waiting list. And they have 12 copies!

I'm also reading two different books on the creation of the Bayeux Tapestry: Needle in the Right Hand of God and The Invention of Truth. Both quite fascinating. You'll find out why I have been diverted by what is probably the world's most well-known piece of textile art when I next post about the Codex. Yes, I'm still stitching away on that, more slowly than I would like, but still going. The quilt-for-hire projects is about three-quarters done, a little behind schedule, but I do think the end is in sight.