More Owls and a Lovely Book

Deuteronomy II, 2013, 18 x 26"
Here they are. One of Louis Nicolas's wonkier images. Check out the two legs on one side of the larger owl! I feel that this one needs a bit more, but haven't decided yet where I will be placing the text. I have the idea of turning Pere Nicolas's handwriting from the Grammaire Algonquin into a font. I have no idea how difficult that might be, and its not like I need another project, but wouldn't that be fun?
A detail. I think of this guy as Wolly, the Wall-Eyed Owl.
The Silkworm's Home by Rm Singh Urveti
And I have to share this wonderful book I borrowed from the library. It's called The Night Life of Trees, and is a hand printed adult picture book from Tara Books, an Indian company that features the work of tribal artists and seeks to encourage the distinctive indigenous styles . This particular book is printed on beautiful black art paper (excuse the glare on my photo) and I love the way the artists' (from the Gond tribe) drawn marks resemble stitches. The Gond come from an area close to Bihar, so it's not too surprising there would be that textile connection. The accompanying text tells the stories of the trees giving quite a fascinating world view. Do check out Tara Books - just browsing through their titles is inspiring, and the books themselves are surprisingly inexpensive. (Shipping charges are crazy though.)


  1. Those owls are looking great, Heather.

  2. onesmallstitch12:08 PM

    Wolly is woonderful. As you know I really don't need any encouragement when it comes to books but thanks for the link.

  3. the owls are fabulous! and that book, amazing and inspiring

  4. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Tara books are wonderful. I found a copy of Tsunami in a book sale in Japan and couldn't resist buying it. It's accordion style and when opened completely measures about 3 metres long. The images tell the story of the horror of the south-east Asian tsunami that devastated so many places several years ago. The subject matter is tragic but the colours and drawing style are so vibrant. It's really about the unbeatable life force that not even a once in a thousand year tsunami can distinguish. Thanks for putting up there web site. Maybe I'll get another one of their book-masterpieces.
    ps. Do you cover the owls with a cloth at night so they don't fly away? Jean-Pierre

  5. I never heard of tara Books before, thank you for the info.
    Wolly is a beauty, such an intense gaze (right word?).


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