Surprise! Finished in Record Time

And on the third day, I quilted. The pattern called for horizontal lines every quarter inch, which would be insane to do on an ordinary sewing machine. The sample at the shop was sent out to be done on one of those huge professional machines. I quilted every inch, and it turned out quite well, even if some lines are not perfectly even. 
It is, however, the perfect size for a picnic or wrapping around oneself while lounging on the couch. And I think the grid design lends itself to creative play for little ones - the lines could be streets for toy cars, or rooms of a house for dolls, maybe. The newlyweds are expecting.
The damask linen got all soft and cushy after being washed. The shamrock design hardly shows, but that's okay. My main hope is that the quilt is used and loved, not stored away because it's special. 


  1. Anonymous3:20 AM

    They are going to LOVE it, which makes sense because you have obviously put a lot of care and love into it.

  2. I would use it all the time and get lost in the streets and rooms while dreaming.

  3. I would drive little cars on those patchwork streets with my grandson any time! It's lovely.


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