Bears in the Autumn Light

 I have been steadily working away on the bears. They are sucking up the thread, so I'm glad I have lots and don't feel I have to skimp. I'm also glad I did the black bear's behind first, because I have his delightfully snarling face to look forward to. On these long projects one has to build in motivation!
I have been enjoying the gorgeous photos of autumn that so many of you have been posting. It is my favourite time of year. The rains have started here, but the sun poked through the clouds long enough for me to catch the light on the dairy farm below.

And thanks to everyone who sent condolences about my cat Angus. I keep expecting him to stroll in and jump up on whatever I am working on, demanding attention. And it was funny, for the first few days after he died I kept hearing a cat meowing. Gracie heard it too, and would run to the door. We know that it's not going to happen, but in Angus's honour, here's the NFB classic The Cat Came Back.


  1. bruces kitchen5:50 AM

    That's okay the chef still hears the cat door at 5 in the am.

  2. THE CAT CAME BACK---like a lot of fine humor---is an exaggeration (though at times, only slight! ;-) of the truths of "cat ownership" (as if cats can be "owned"); I only have to look around at almost all of our "retextured" furniture to see what one of our "sons" has accomplished in his two short years with us, yet I love him dearly. I've had so many cats over my life thus far---and the only positive thing about losing (most of) them is getting to know the next one(s).

    Rains are a bit early here, too. . . I will warm my hands at your blog frequently. Thank you!

  3. onesmallstitch2:33 PM

    great bear behind! cats are such great personalities - you never forget them.


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