More Feathers

I said it would never end. But now I have a border that I am not just happy with, but thrilled about. I will still use the feather and egg motif somewhere, in another piece, but as soon as I held it up to the birds, I knew it was too busy. I traced the feathers again, cut them apart, and arranged them as a garland. They were starting to look a little too much like just feathers, so I lengthened the quill end a bit, straightened it slightly, and reduced the feather just a titsch. I drew out a quarter-oval to the size I need, and traced the feathers to fit along the arc. It's just a tiny bit too small, so I will photocopy it at about 102%, and that will be my final design.

Stitching is just the half of it!


  1. witnessing your creative process, here and in former posts, is SO interesting, thanks for sharing this Heather.

  2. Anonymous8:26 PM

    this one looks like a real winner, waiting to see it stitched.

  3. I admire (and envy) you ladies who can sketch your stitching, I am so dumb with a pencil!
    These feathers remind me of those on the King's bed in Versailles.

  4. Oh, Blandina, there's no sketching involved here, really. It's all just tracing and using the photocopier to make life simpler. And thanks for guiding me to the King's bed in Versailles, I must look it up.


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