Properly Finished

I have at last finished the cross stitch that was only supposed to take a couple of days. Of course it was an odd size, and custom framing was out of the question. So I picked up a thrift store frame that was the right proportion, and sized the finished embroidery to fit. A wee self-pat on my back for having the foresight to leave lots of extra cloth around the image.

I stretched it over a piece of acid free mat board and thread-laced it in place. June at Noon has a good tutorial showing this technique.

The frame was black, and quite scratched, so I gave it a couple of coats of cheap craft acrylic, and "antiqued" it with shoe polish. It ended up quite adequate for the job. (The colour is on the dull side in the photo, since I took the picture late in the day.)

 Now I can get back into the Codex series.


  1. this is a hoot, heather!! what a completely adorable pattern. and i understand it being the perfect freak from codex. i often look for thrifted frames for my stitchings and it isn't always so easy, so good on you for making this work so beautifully. and it doesn't appear that any counting problems had any impact whatsoever! lovely work.

  2. Anonymous9:34 PM

    I am patting you one the back too! It is just wonderful! Great job!!! ♥♥♥

  3. C'est merveilleux

  4. onesmallstitch11:20 AM

    aren't you clever, lovely job all around. here's to another pat on the back.

  5. Another pat from me, excellent job and thank you for the tutorial.


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