C'est Delicioux

I have taken a bit of a break before beginning the next piece based on the Codex Canadensis. The latest issue of Marie Claire Idees contains an irresistible bit of cross stitch. I somehow forgot my previous vow to never do another counted cross stitch, after I completed a beautiful reproduction of an antique sampler several years ago. I loved the results, but apparently I lacked (and still do) the ability to count, so the cursing and undoing of threads makes the stitching more of an exercise of will than a pleasure. The chart for this embroidery is super, and I don't think my inability to read French is to blame. I just can't count. But I figure I am about half done, so hope to finish within a week.

Oh, and I'm not going to make it into what appears to be a pie carrier. It's going to the Chef's restaurant - he wasted no time declaring dibs on it!


  1. onesmallstitch1:08 PM

    tres belle!

  2. I do not like doing cross stitch, and never did, but I have to admit that it can look very pretty like the one you are at.
    No doubt that Chef, who knows about the very best, has claimed the piece for himself!

  3. My textile life started with cross stitch, as did so many. I don't do much these days but like the little project you are doing. Don't want to teach my grandma to suck eggs but have you tried colouring or crossing off where you have done on the chart to keep track?


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