Something Amazing: Updated

I'm totally thrown off my blogging game by the move, recent gall bladder surgery, etc,etc. I even have a couple of posts in the can that I haven't published yet, 'cause I haven't got them right. But I just saw this amazing video that I must share with you. It totally blows my paltry excuses for not accomplishing what I would like to. It just went up on Youtube - the filmmakers will be remaining anonymous until the end of the week, when everyone will know about it, but here's a sneak preview. Here's the link:
Renaissance Man
It doesn't feature any textiles, but has everything to do with intention and possibility.

* Here's the update! The filmmaker, Kai Nagata, has now gone public with the film. Check it out here: Kai's blog. YOu might remember Kai from this past summer, when he made a splash quitting his high profile news reporter job. He's just 24 years old, and I think he made the right move.


  1. wow! thanks so much for posting this! what trust he has!

  2. wow! thanks so much for posting this! what trust he has!

  3. Anonymous11:37 AM

    hope you are getting settled and feeling comfortable in your new environment. the video is amazing. try getting through one ordinary day with your eyes covered, it truly gives you a new perspective.

  4. Wowee.... amazing. and I love lutes, too!


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