Shades of Grey

Back in September, I bought three freshly-shorn dark grey fleeces from Ruckle Farm, down on the south end of the island. They were stored in a sack in one of my closets, and soon became a favourite napping spot for Angus the cat. I always knew when he had been in there, 'cause he smelled like a little sheep. I also knew if I left them for too long, they would become just another layer in the archeological dig that is my stash, so I needed to at least wash them.

Not the most compelling subject matter, I have to admit. And there are mountains of the stuff! Every surface in the house will soon be covered with grey fluff.

I spun a sample skein of yarn: bulky, textured, pretty. There will be a mountain of that, too. Not the best colour to work with during the winter - I will have to spike it now and then with something bright.


  1. Beautiful photos. They give me hope that I too may be able to transform some of the mountains of fleece in my house from cat-napping spots to yarn. Although I can always argue for the value of wool as insulation at this time of year, I do prefer it washed.

  2. This is fantastic, starting from fleece and then spinning your own wool. It is one of those gives me the feeling of an ancient ritual, of a lost domesticity.

  3. lovely setting - ahh green how I miss you!


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