Canada Day on the Rocks

Today is Canada's birthday. In spite of our prime minister's jingoistic attempts at rousing national ardour, most Canadians prefer to take it easy and spend time relaxing outdoors. The royal visit has added a bit of glamour to the day for those back east, but here on the west coast it's just another day on the beach.

This beach is on top of a midden over 1200 years old. (In comparison, Canada is just 144.) The shells, mostly clam, scallop, and mussel, have been crushed by the waves into a fine sand.

The rocky shoreline of this particular beach shows how dramatically the earth heaved in the island's creation. Apparently the rock dates from the Cretaceous period of about 3 million years ago.

Barnacles covered the rocks - most were what I take to be a normal size, about 5 to 10 millimetres across, but these ones were huge.

These are a more usual size. I like the lacy clusters they form on shells.

A heron fishing at low tide caught Gracie's attention.

Ah well, she wouldn't be a dog if she didn't try.


  1. I would feel blessed if our independance day here in the US were something folks celebrated quietly.... the fireworks, mad crowds and excuse to overdo everything just isn't my style!

    Beautiful stone... !

  2. pictures are lovely, as all the images from SSI have been. I have been thinking about the 144 years of our country and wondering what Canadians will create in the next thousand years (if the planet has that long?)we are such infants in the creation of countrys/cultures.
    (This comment came from Jean at )I'm sorry, I accidentally deleted your comment.)


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