I've been crossing the water a lot these days.

On board the Bowen Queen, traversing Active Pass between Tsawwassen and Long Harbour, Salt Spring Island.

She's a bit of a shabby vessel.

I was glad that we didn't need to use the escape hatch.

The next day I crossed from French Creek to False Bay with Carson, on his fossil-fuel-free sail transportation service, Sailing the Salish Sea. What a lovely, if leisurely, way to travel.

Carson is my favourite surrogate nephew, and a mighty fine sailor.

Our destination off in the distance.

Gracie loved the ride.

Well, I guess sailing does have quite a connection with textiles, for those of you who are getting frustrated with my inability to stay on the alleged topic of this blog.

And how many ferry services offer the delightful feature of a naked captain and first mate? Granted, I haven't come across too many ferry workers that I would want to see naked, but then federal regulations probably prohibit them from stripping down and jumping in for a swim enroute anyway.


  1. Girl this post made my face hurt. thanks!

  2. Glad you liked it, Deb.

  3. The charm of your blog is that you do not speak only of stitches but of the life around you and the incredible place that you happen to live in.
    Every post is a surprise, I love this.
    Thank you for the pictures, especially the last one: as it is, I have not seen a naked man in ages...


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