Tripping the Light Domestic

Look at what Miss Ivy Lou Runnings made for herself! I have been helping her learn to sew, and she chose this fabulous ball gown for her first project. The bodice is an old Anna Sui Vogue pattern, and the skirt is simply gathered into a waistband and made fancy with random "poufs".

The outfit was for a fancy dress ball, that followed a performance by our local dance school. Miss Ivy was featured in four numbers, including a sensational Bollywood-style show stopper.

It was such a pleasure working with this lovely, bright, talented young woman. She has inherited a sewing machine from her grandmother, and I hope she will find time to keep sewing in her busy life.

The only dancing I did was around the garden and kitchen, as I harvested a huge bagful of garlic scapes and then pickled them. The curly stems fit beautifully into the pint jars - showstoppers in their own way.


  1. The gown is wonderful and it looks perfect for the handsome Miss Ivy.

    About garlic scape, this is a new word for me and also a new vegetable. I hope to be able to put my hands on a 'scape' one of these days and try the taste, apparently it is very nice!

  2. Garlic scapes are simply the flowering stems of hardneck varieties of garlic. This is the time of year to cut them, before they flower and get tough. Some gardeners remove them so the garlic bulbs will be bigger. They are quite the gourmet item here, often made into pesto or eaten as a vegetable, grilled along with asparagus and new potatoes. Yum.

  3. Anonymous2:25 PM

    this is the first time I've heard of garlic scapes, wow sounds wonderful. beautiful girl, beautiful dress. bet she had a great teacher. Heather did you get a workshop at Maiwa??

  4. Wow - that's a first project. Fantastic.

    I've stir fried garlic scapes, but never tried them pickled.

  5. i'm so encouraged that she took on such a project as her first! i've never sewn clothes and am going to start. she's so lucky to have had you as a teacher.


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