First date. He made a picnic lunch and brought it in this beautiful basket.

To say the food was sensational doesn't begin to do it justice. I was reduced to wriggling in my seat and making helpless yummy sounds. Herb stuffed roasted chicken, local artisan cheeses.

Salad with roasted corn and little white beans and baby kale. Marinated olives. Medjool dates. The most beautifully delicate smoked trout and succulent prawns that completely transcend description.

There was bubbly, and chocolate, and a little rhubarb goat cheese tart. I think this could quite possibly be the most romantic meal I have ever eaten.

After the picnic we walked along an easy trail to see the falls. So green, so lush,absolutely primordial. Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park, if you are in the neighbourhood.

Okay, Drucilla would like more details. I did ask if he minded me taking pictures of the food, and he was okay with it. He is a professional chef, and was (successfully) trying to wow me. And I think there will probably be a second date!


  1. incredible! what a meal! what a setting! so we don't get more details than this??? at least tell us - did he mind your photo-documentation?

  2. No, he didn't mind, I did ask. And I've edited the post to include a wee bit more detail.

  3. Anonymous3:02 AM


  4. Oh my. Now that's my kind of date! Fabulous.

  5. Wow indeed! Trying not to read too much symbolism into the photos and their sequence ;p)
    Anyway, sharing marvellous food is definitely a great starting point.

  6. Anonymous4:17 PM

    wow! can't wait to hear what he does for a second date -- or maybe not!!

  7. oh fun spring picnic! gorgeous setting! lovely!

  8. Way to go - You might have started something here Heather - you have us all on a cliff hanger - and we are keeping our fingers crossed.

    Sounds lovely!

  9. Sounds very promising, Heather. Can hardly wait to see some pictures of HIM . . . or was that him in the photo with the pie?

  10. No, the guy with the pie was my Mom's partner, Jim. Second date this weekend - we shall see!


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