Elvis brought a couple of his ladies over from the orchard to visit the main house. I love his swagger. Just like his namesake, this guy knows how to take care of business.

This week the grass has shot up. Yesterday we mowed for the first time this spring - it smelled so wonderful.

I scored this kettle from the Free Store on my way home from yoga today. It is in almost perfect shape, is made in Canada and still whistles. What more could a girl ask for?


  1. I think some Chai tea would be in order! Lucky you to have chickens! I would love to have some but they won't let us in town. I think Chickens would be a lovely addition to town living!

  2. Here in Vancouver we're allowed to have up to 4 hens but no rooster. You have to have the right housing and a license. And there's even care courses you can take! No, I haven't taken advantage of this. After my last bunny got killed by a coyote and a cat got mauled by a raccoon, it's just too stressful. How do you keep your flock from getting picked off by eagles or something?

  3. Anonymous10:35 AM

    ah, simplicity and perfection in a green kettle!

  4. Louisa, my poor flock has been savaged by mink attacks, not once, but twice. Both times the mink got in to their coop at night.And a raven did kill a hen that was blind in one eye - I assume he swooped in on her bad side. The rooster though, is pretty good as keeping the hens safe during the day. Gracie the dog is also very vigilant about keeping critters away from the coop. After the first attack, I reinforced the fence, and after the second, I added wire mesh to the floor of the pen. Keeping my fingers crossed...

  5. love, love, love these photos! whenever I see pics of the countryside and farm animals, it just gives me a sense of calm and peace. Great name - Elvis!! Sorry to hear about the difficulties of keeping outdoor animals. Hope it goes better this year!

    p.s. great find at the Free Store! That colour is sweet!


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