Sun and Stars

I've been embroidering by day, taking advantage of the good light, then quilting at night. You can see how the 'Back to the Garden" quilt is coming along.

I'm going to apply opalescent beads on the crests of the waves.

This is the companion piece to Emma Goldman's handkerchief. The quote belongs to Delores Ibarruri, ardent communist and one of the leaders of the Spanish Civil War. She was an eloquent speaker, known as "La Pasionaria" (passion flower) in her Spanish homeland. She often quoted Zapata's famous line: "I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees." The words attributed to her in this embroidery refer to that statement.


  1. Anonymous8:29 AM

    the quilt is beautiful, a real treasure. love the quote and the doily is exquisite

  2. Oh, Heather, I am stunned by the ability of your fingers and your tasty creativity.

  3. Beautiful quilt -- and I love your embroidered quote series, it's fantastic! What are your plans for it? So cool.

  4. The embroidered quotes that you are doing are wonderful. They are memorable and I love them.

    Are you able to put the identity of the woman whose quote it is somewhere on the piece?

  5. Thanks Judy, for your gently challenging comment. The title of each piece includes the name of the woman whose quote it is. But yes, it's important to attribute in a way that makes it clear whose words they are, and the piece without that authorship is confusing and perhaps misleading. I think of these pieces as samplers in a way, with the inspirational quote or maxim reflecting the values of the maker. I need to think a bit more on this.

  6. Heather, that quilt!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the colours and the detailing.


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