Another Day, Another Quilt

I finished the quilt I was making for a community fundraiser. I'm quite happy with it, even if it is a little too dainty for my taste. The scalloped border took a good seven hours of work! Fiddly, but worth it, I think.

The embroidered linen squares were made at least thirty years ago by a friend of Sue's grandmother. She was glad to donate them so they would no longer be lurking accusingly in her workbasket. The squares were pre-stamped with the patterns, and quite nicely embroidered.

The border is of linen from a beautiful but stained sheet. It feels so lovely and smooth. The sashing came from Charlotte's stash, and contains a percentage of polyester, as I ruefully discovered a bit too late. It had an annoying tendency to slither around the table as I was piecing the top. The backing was a thrift store sheet that I had bought to use on my bed as I liked the colour. But I found the very high thread count made it too soft and clingy, so quilt backing it is!

Of course Angus had to get in on the action. He provided a useful weight to keep the fabric from slipping to the floor as I drew the scallops on the border. If you would like to know the fine details of scallop making, I found Linda Franz's tutorial a great help.


  1. The quilt looks lovely and how wonderful to use all those different materials and those blocks and to create something new and useful and beautiful from them.

  2. That's a great quilt! And with the help of Angus it will be a great succes!!! :))
    What a lovely cat!

  3. Anonymous8:15 AM

    --what an amazing amount of work. Really like the dark border around the squares and border--gives it a bit more umph! The border itself is a masterpiece.

  4. Such an elegant result, Heather! What a lucky person who wins this quilt.

  5. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I like the look on Angus furry face!


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