Soft Swan of the Fog

Oddly enough, we don't get much fog here, in spite of what would seem to be ideal conditions. The last couple of days have been unusual, making our walk along the shore seem otherworldly.

Colours seem richer in the soft light.

The still water at slack tide creates abstract reflections.

A gnarl of tree roots looks like bones.

Marine Island takes on a ghostly presence.

A dry-docked toy boat waits to float again.

Kelp strewn rock rise up like castles.

Loons glide by in silence.


  1. Thank you! It is far too long since I have been to the coast, but these beautiful images have transported me. I can just about smell the rich,damp air...

  2. Thank you for this silent journey! Just what I need to help restore a little serenity at the beginning of what promises to be a hectic day.

  3. Anonymous3:23 AM

    This past month has put the "heck" in hectic but just looking at your seaside stroll images has brought down my blood pressure. Thanks for the calm.


  4. i think that liquid amber tree is castor bean. i'm growing it, looks identical. if so the pods will dry and once cracked open a speckled multicolored bean should be inside.


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