Men and Their Pants

I get a lot of guys bringing me their pants to fix. This particular lovely pair belongs to John, who is renowned for wearing patches upon the patches.

They are usually very apologetic for some reason, especially if it's the crotch that needs mending.

I had one guy bring me a pair of khakis that needed the pocket repaired - a $5 fix after he had lost a $100 set of car keys through the tear.

I suspect men get more attached to favourite pieces of clothing than women do. And I'm sure they would much rather come to me to have their pants mended than have to go shopping for a new pair.

Even this very utilitarian machine mending is beautiful, I think.


  1. What beautiful photos in these last few entries. Even the mended crotch looks artistic!

  2. great post heather. i like your patch sketching

  3. Anonymous6:33 AM

    I look at the tangle of stitches holding the pants together and the tangle of kelp on the grey pebbled beach in your previous posting and I wonder where the tangle of thread and the tangle of seaweed begin and end. Your thoughts are picking up a bit of Lasqueti here and binding it into a bit of Lasqueti there until you have woven a completely new kind of Lasqueti yarn. Wonderful to see the process documented on your blog in these beautiful images.


  4. yez!!!!!! machine crazies away!

  5. there is something so satisfying about mending...and i especially enjoy doing repairs to favorite pieces of my dear husband's clothing...socks, pants, jackets...i think you are right about men getting more attached to articles of clothing than women...i think it has much to do with the comfort factor...more concern for comfort...less with clothes are not your posts...followed a link from jude hill


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