Sheep to Shawl at the Fair

The event came off better than I could have imagined. We actually didn't finish the shawl on time, but that was kind of irrelevant considering the great time that was had by all.
Here are Charline and Gwen spinning.

Betsy on the drum carder.

Marie-Ange weaving.

And someone having fun with the fleece.

Our group was the object of much attention. We had a steady stream of people asking questions, helping tease wool, learning to spin and trying their hand at throwing the shuttle. Two boys spent almost the whole afternoon on the table loom, playing with all the possibilities of rosepath, taking turns weaving and operating the hand levers.

Part of the reason we didn't finish on time was that so many people wanted to try spinning. I was bouncing around between spinning wheels, spelling Marie-Ange off on the loom, winding bobbins and participating in the wine-tasting event. (Which might be another reason our focus got a little blurry.) I only took these few no-very-good pictures, but I know other people took much better ones and hope to get some to post soon.

One unexpected delight was that a number of new people signed up for a Fibre Group. We hope to have monthly meetings to encourage and support our fellow threadheads in their textile adventures.