Extreme Mending (or, Ode to WD-40)

I picked up a Singer Featherweight with original manual and all the attachments at the Free Store the other day. Major score, right?

It does need a little work. On first inspection the machine was completely frozen and it appeared it was the victim of a major solvent spill.

I have been working on it for the last two days. It has become an obsession. The Featherweight, as you probably know, is a justifiably famous little sewing machine. Even in this sorry state, this machine is a marvel of fine craftsmanship. As I spray with WD-40 and gently ease the parts off for cleaning, I am amazed at the strength and beautiful machining of the parts. This machine was designed to be repaired, and it is no wonder that 80 years later so many 221s are still performing like they were fresh out of the box.

The frozen gears have started to loosen and the works are starting to move. I can't wait to see it going. I am going to repaint the base and, amazingly, parts and decals are still available. Look forward to pictures of the complete restoration!


  1. Hi Heather, I have one of 221 Singer Featherweight that my husband brought back for me the US. I love sewing machine and have savaged many from markets. I'm looking forward to see it after you completed the restoration. Good find - Hugs Nat


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