Air Canada, You Temptress

Just when I thought the serene beauty of Lasqueti had tamed my jones for Japan, the evil folks at Air Canada sent me their latest sale. We know you like Tokyo, they said, We'll give it to you for only $408.

I am hardwired for such suggestions. My first thought was "Who can I get to take care of the chickens?"

Wicked, wicked Air Canada.


  1. Go for it, you lucky thing.

  2. You mean to say that they won't take care of themselves if you let them loose? I guess chicken keeping is not for me. (There used to be wild chickens in the neighborhood. I guess, "used to be" is the operative word here

  3. understood. wish i lived closer, i would do it.

  4. Oussssss are you going? My student is leaving for Japan this Saturday I asked him to look for Boro cloth for me. I hope he comes back with one - Hugs Nat

  5. Four hundred is about a third of what it usually costs to fly there, isn't it?




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