Finally, Pictures

I'm still waiting for the original "in process" pictures that I took when starting this piece. But in the meantime...

I had been wanting to do a green man quilt for a awhile. But the traditional images always seemed to me a bit scary - I envisioned something gentler. So when I saw a green glass suncatcher in my sister-in-law's kitchen window, with a smiling sun face and entwined with ivy, I knew I had my beginning.

I did a sketch. The words are from a poem by Wallace Stevens.

Here's the underlayer, in progress. This was put together all from found fabrics and threads. There is much to do yet - working into the design, much more stitching, appliques of stems and ivy, beads, lettering and lots of spirally quilting.

And here is the fabulous green colour I managed to get from foxglove blossoms. Hope it shows up well on your screen - it's a lovely soft grayish green, and bonus, it smells like watermelon!


  1. oh this is great! i love that color and the stitching detail that forms the face is so delicate and intriguing.


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