Dyepot Tuesday

Some of us got together on Tuesday for a natural dyeing workshop. We tried a few local plants that are reputed to give colour (horsetail, blackberry shoots) that were insipid. Better results were obtained from alder shoots, nettle and lichen. Great results were achieved with onion skins, madder, rhubarb root, and of course the magical indigo.

A real surprise were the colours Lucas was able to achieve on raffia and leather. Above is one of his tiny baskets dyed with indigo - it has been taking a long time to oxidize. The cloth below it is a (formerly ivory) rayon top I got from the Free Store and gave a few dips in the indigo pot.

Also above, Gwen brought several skeins of her handspun and got a lovely array of colour.

I'm now preparing for an embroidery workshop at the Arts Centre - part of the island's Arts and Culture Week.


  1. Peg Yates6:50 AM

    I have never used plants to dye anything, but there is something very earthy and satisfying about those colors. Looking at them is pleasing to my eyes.

  2. That sounds lovely.When am I suppose to start making my way over? Give me dates Sister. Reminds me of my childhood... Easter egg, tie dye. And Lord! Thank Mother nature for the invention of "the garden". Amen

  3. i am just looking and my eyes are smiling.

  4. so lovely! i'm jealous!

  5. Such lovely restful colours. But you were wise to wear gloves....

  6. It is nice to see people from other parts of the world that share some of the same interests. I aqm also a spinner and have many other art outlets.


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