Polyester is the Devil's Cloth

Yes, Satan sure knew what he was doing when he made polyester. The quilt was going so peacefully and beautifully until I went to put on the binding. I had some shiny silky fabric in just the right colour, and it would have made a suitable binding, so I ignored my deep loathing of petroleum-based fabric and gave it a go.

Well, you know what happened. The damn stuff slid all over the place, puckered, twisted, slithered and frayed. I got the ends done and realized it was a disaster, had to pick the stuff out and begin again with a boring but easy to handle cotton.

Not only was the air blue with my very unladylike curses, I missed a bicycle maintenance workshop I really wanted to go to, and a screening of Julie and Julia at the Arts Centre.



  1. i try to work it in now and then so as not to waste anything, but it is not my best friend either...

  2. You're so right, but I sometimes like to sail upstream. I mean, when I fight against the materials I sometimes find something interesting. Maybe the binding is not the best place to experiment...


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